Why Invest In Vacation Rentals In Branson

It’s no secret that vacation rentals in Branson have become a hot trend over the last 10 years. With sites like AirBnB and VRBO leading the way in helping Branson visitors book their vacations, marketing and booking properties is easier than ever! Our firm at Worley and Associates has become the go-to real estate firm when it comes to buying and selling vacation rentals in Branson,MO.  Investors from all over the country are starting to pay attention to Branson and here’s why…

Top 3 Reasons to Own Vacation Rentals in Branson

     1. Low Property Values

One of the best benefits of owning a vacation rental in Branson right now is that our property values are still relatively low. Investors are always looking for a deal. And when you look at Branson compared to other vacation destinations it’s a no brainer. The average sales price for a vacation rental in Branson, as of this writing in June 2020, is $166,853. Compare that to places like Orlando, FL ($253,600), Breckenridge, CO ($650,700),  Destin, FL ($375,900),  and even markets similar to ours like Pigeon Forge, TN ($332,450).

     2. High PNR (Per Night Rent)

The second reason our investors love Branson is because you can get way more per night than you can in most areas of the country. Look at this 9 BR in Orlando on VRBO. 4300 sqft home rents for an average of $377/night. Compare that to a 9 BR here in Branson, same sqft, with Table Rock Lake views for miles averaging $745/night.

     3. Long Season

The last reason to consider buying vacation rentals in Branson is that we have one of the longest seasons to enjoy renting.  With over 9 million visitors per year Branson’s season begins in mid March all the way through the end of December. Our average nights booked per year is about 160. Peak season runs from about May 15 – August 15. Christmas season begins Nov 1st and runs till New Years. So even if you’re wanting to use the property yourself personally to enjoy there’s plenty of opportunity to do that throughout the year and still maximize your return on investment.

Hot Vacation Rental Deals in Branson

Down at the bottom is a list of some of the premiere vacation rental opportunities in Branson. For more info on vacation rentals in Branson check out my link on Everything You Need to Know About Owning a Vacation Rental in Branson. 


Things to do in Branson

Attractions, Shows, Boating, Dining, Hiking, Golf

Branson has undergone quite a facelift since you may have last visited. It’s not your grandma’s Branson anymore. No, Branson has really put a lot of focus on providing more things to do for my generation. Those with young kids and wanting to get out and about and explore there’s so much to do in Branson! Silver Dollar City and all the shows on the strip have long been a staple of Branson. But as you start driving down Hwy 76 you start to notice how much the city skyline is changing. Below is a list of all the new and exciting attractions that have come to Branson over just the last 10 years.

Fritz’s Adventure

Branson Zipline Adventures

Bigfoot Fun Park Branson

Wonderworks Branson’s Upside Down Adventure

The Branson Skyscraper

Shepherd of the Hills Vigilante Extreme Ziprider

Branson Ferris Wheel

National Enquirer Attraction

Shepherd of the Hills ATV Adventures

Beyond the Lens

Snowflex Tubing at Wolfe Mountain

Parakeet Pete’s

Runaway Mountain Coaster

Big Air Trampoline Park

Aquarium on the Boardwalk


Andy B’s Bowl Social

Fun Mountain at Big Cedar Lodge

There’s probably a dozen more but that’s all I can think of off the top of my head. Families have so much more to do now than ever before. Silver Dollar City has certainly been keeping busy cranking out new rides and thrills just about every year with Mystic Water Falls opening in 2020. Branson has so much to offer for families now. Which is why I think the demand for vacation rentals has boomed. People don’t want to stay in motels and hotels staring out their window at concrete. They don’t want to have to eat out for every single meal when they can all gather under 1 roof, visiting and creating memories together while enjoying a Table Rock Lake sunset.

Ready to Get Started Investing?

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