How to Safely Move Wooden Furniture

Jason Yeager
Jason Yeager
Published on December 28, 2017

Wooden Furniture can be delicate. It needs to be treated fairly and often – but what about when you must move it? There can be so many things that can happen that could put a large gash in your furniture, or even render it unusable. Therefore, it is very important to know how to move it correctly from one place to another. The last thing you want is a large break in your gorgeous wooden table. Most times, we recommend hiring an insured local mover, which takes the risk and labor out of your hands. Luckily, there is a way to go about moving your furniture. Here are the best tips.

Do not use bubble wrap

The first thing that comes to mind for most people is probably to use bubble wrap. Surprisingly, you do not want to do that. Wood needs to breathe. By placing bubble wrap on it, you will trap the moisture in the wood and this could lead to warping or discoloration. There is still a way to use bubble wrap if you want. Just place a blanket or such in between the wood and the bubble wrap. This will allow the wood to breathe more.

Use moving blankets or furniture pads

You should use moving blankets or furniture pads whenever possible. Not only will this make the move easier, but you can keep your wooden furniture and your floor safe. There is no point in damaging two things at once with a simple fix.

Secure the drawers

If you have a wooden dresser or something else that uses moving parts, you will need to secure it. You can do this using two methods. First, you can tie the knobs or moving parts to the furniture itself. The second method is to just separate the drawers or parts and move them on their own. Yes, it will take more trips, but it is the safest way to go about it.

Break out the furniture dolly

It is most likely that you don’t have super strength, but with the assistance of a furniture dolly it will appear that you do. A furniture dolly is capable of maneuvering heavy wooden items easily. To treat the wood well, you will want to put a blanket in between the dolly and the wood furniture. This will prevent scratches. Keep in mind that the furniture dolly will also prevent you from possibly hurting yourself very bad. Which brings up the next point.

Never lift alone

Make sure that you have a friend’s assistance while moving the delicate wooden furniture. Having another pair of eyes is useful for coming around corners.  A friend’s assistance is also perfect for not hurting yourself. In worst case scenario, if you do happen to hurt yourself, you have someone there to assist you. You will also need to use someone else’s strength to help lift the furniture completely off the floor to avoid scratching anything.

Avoid placing things on top of the furniture

When you get the furniture in the truck, do not place anything on top. Whatever you place on top can scratch and damage your wood. The only thing that should be placed on top of your furniture is a blanket and a strap to prevent it from moving around.

The odds of you damaging your wood materials should be greatly reduced now that you have a few tips. Just remember to take it slow and plan every move. You won’t regret it!

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