How To Hire A House Cleaner For Your Vacation Rental In Branson

Jason Yeager
Jason Yeager
Published on November 5, 2017

Outsourcing. Big corporations do it, so why not households? Delegating the mundane, routine household chores to an outside source may just be the key to a happy household.

Whether you’re looking for some temporary help around the holidays or part-time or full-time household help, hiring a house cleaner for your vacation rental in Branson requires a bit of preparation and a whole bunch of interviewing.

Finding A House Cleaner For Your Vacation Rental In Branson

“House cleaner and housekeeper — they sound the same, but they actually involve two very different jobs and duties,” Jennifer Troyer, founder of Seattle Green Cleaner, LLC writes at Angie’s List.

“If you think in terms of light-duty work with some organizing thrown in, that’s for a housekeeper,” she explains. Think Alice, on TV’s “The Brady Bunch,” for example.

“If you’re looking for a top-to-bottom cleaning of your home, that’s for a house cleaner,” Troyer concludes.

Aside from asking friends, family and co-workers for a referral to a house cleaner, check online at sites such as Craigslist, Angie’s List, Yelp and Groupon. If all else fails, use Google to find “house cleaners in Branson.” (or wherever you are operating)

Prepare For The Interviews

Naturally, before interviewing anyone you’ll want to check for online reviews. Do this at, or, again, Google the company or person’s name with the word “reviews.”

Then, make a list of questions to ask those you will interview. Following are a few suggestions:

  • Are you flexible to do last-minute cleanings for last-minute bookings?
  •  Do you have insurance? (Workman’s Comp or General Liability)
  •  Do you do extras such as clean the grill?
  •  Can you clean ceiling fans, vents, and air filters once a month?
  •  If you have an employee clean for you, can someone do a “double check” of the property to make sure all the i’s are dotted and the t’s are crossed?
  •  Can you have the same person clean every time?
  •  Are you comfortable with feedback so that we can have open and respectful communication about things I may notice?
  •  Can you invoice me once a month for cleanings?
  •  Can you text me after cleanings are done and let me know if there are any problems immediately?
  •  Can you let me know when supplies are running low?
  •  Do you clean or spot clean windows?
  •  What do you charge for a cleaning?
  •  What about a deep cleaning?
  • What would you consider including in a deep clean?

Next, make sure your cleaners are aware of  “the two BIG C’s” that are key to the success of your vacation rental in Branson.

Consistency and Communication

Operating a successful vacation rental in Branson depends heavily on your AirBnB and VRBO reviews. The number one thing a guest will knock you on is cleanliness. Guests expect your place to be immaculate so having a cleaner that you can depend on to consistently provide the same level of service is an absolute MUST!

The next big C is communication. Having a cleaner communicate any essential items that are running low or out is so important.  You usually have a 4 hour window between bookings to address any issues. A faulty light switch, leaky toilet, whatever the issue your cleaner is your eyes and ears in your property. Another big thing that is so simple to ask them is to shoot you a text when leaving with an “all clear”. When you can build a solid level of trust with your power team of cleaners and handymen you are well on your way to dominating your vacation rental in Branson.

The Interviews

Always request an in-home interview. This way, you can conduct a thorough walk-through of your vacation rental in Branson, pointing out exactly what you want done. Not only will the price quote be more accurate than if it were given over the phone, but you’ll have a chance to judge the company’s or individual professionalism better as well.

When you’ve narrowed it down to one or two cleaners, and if they don’t work for a company that conducts criminal and background checks, you’ll need to do some research. Check out’s list of online background check companies with reviews from users.

Do let the candidate know that you will be running a background check on him or her

Red Flags

All of us get gut feelings about someone when we first meet them and many of us end up chiding ourselves for not paying attention to those feelings. Pay attention to what you’re feeling about the potential hire during the interview.

Then, reconsider hiring any house cleaner who:

  • Can’t or won’t supply you with at least three references from current or past clients.
  • Refuses a background check
  • Has no long-term (more than at least 6 months) clients

Finding the right employee for any job is challenging but when that job is going to be performed in your home – while you may be away – it’s even more important to be extra cautious.

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